Play Park Revamped!

Exciting News! Introducing the Brand New Safe Play Park at The Glascoed Pub!

Calling all families! We are thrilled to announce our revamped Play Park at The Glascoed Pub! Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey of laughter, fun, and unforgettable memories.

Children’s safety and enjoyment in mind. We understand how important it is for parents to have a worry-free environment where their little ones can explore, socialize, and let their imaginations soar. And that’s exactly what we’ve created!

Let your imagination run wild as you explore our fantastic play equipment. The highlight of our park is a built in ground trampoline and numerous climbing frames, And don’t forget the classic swings and slides for endless hours of traditional play.

While the kids are immersed in their thrilling escapades, parents can relax and unwind in our comfortable seating area conveniently located nearby. Sip on a refreshing beverage, try a delicious meal from our pub menu, and bask in the atmosphere as you keep a watchful eye on your little explorers.

Safety is our utmost priority. Rest assured that we have taken every precaution to ensure your children’s well-being. Our play park features soft, impact-absorbing flooring to cushion any falls, secure perimeter fencing to prevent unauthorized entry, and regular maintenance checks to ensure equipment is in tip-top condition. Additionally, our dedicated staff members will always be on hand to offer guidance and assistance whenever needed.

The journey begins here. See you at The Glascoed Pub Safe Play Park, where laughter and memories await!

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