Jurassic Challenge Coming Soon

Get ready for the ultimate challenge for your taste buds! The Glascoed Jurassic Challenge is coming your way and it’s time to test your gastronomic limits.

Prepare yourself for a face off against some of the most ferocious and delicious food known to man.

To complete the challenge you must finish the entire meal within a specific time limit. You’ll have to muster all your courage and appetite to come out on top. Beat the beast and get a free The Glascoed Jurassic Challenge T-Shirt plus your photo on our Jurassic Challenge Page Wall of Fame! Fail and your miserable mug shot goes on our Wall of Shame!

Can you conquer the beastly dish that awaits you? Do you have what it takes? Are you brave enough? Welcome to The Glascoed Jurassic Challenge. It’s a beast!

Prebooking will be essential as we need the extra staff to cook the beast!

More details will be announced soon. Until then you may want to starve yourself to make room for The Glascoed Jurassic Challenge.

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