Lie back, close your eyes and relax in a weightless environment, where your body is allowed to fully relax and recuperate as all the senses are rested. Gentle pulses of light with custom soundscapes (or your own music) lead your awareness on an immersive journey into beautiful imagery and blissful moods.

What is Floatation?

Each tank contains a huge amount of epsom salt, allowing you to float effortlessly. It matches the temperature of your skin and the air, giving you the feeling of complete weightlessness. Unless you wish to have light and music, the pod is normally pitch black and sound proof.

Free from sensory input, the muscular-skeletal system and sympathetic nervous system wind down into a state of deep relaxation in which your body and mind can heal and recharge resulting in many benefits. Each float last 60 minutes and you are in full control of the lights, music and opening and closing the pod.

At The Glascoed Floatation Center, you get to do all of this in your own private room, equipped with a shower, complimentary toiletries, a towel, dressing gown and slippers. You can shut the door on the world and relax from start to finish.

When you turn the pod lights off, you experience total darkness. This creates a blank canvas for your mind. You can turn the lights on at any time if you wish.

Our pods are designed so you can reach near total silence but you can also choose to listen to music throughout your float.

Your body floats without any effort, giving the sense of weightlessness, allowing your muscles to fully relax. This is an experience like you won’t have felt before.



For the deepest relaxation you will ever feel and the closest feeling to weightlessness you can be on this planet. Please contact us for availability and booking.

Why Float? What are the Benefits?

Deep Relaxation
Escape hectic daily life and let your tensions float away into complete relaxation. Use the calm comfort of floatation to soothe away stress and anxiety.

Improved Health
Magnesium enriched water, helps reduce blood pressure and improves circulation. Also the weightlessness helps joint and muscle pain.

Pain Relief
The buoyancy of the water can aid sufferers with many conditions, such as Arthritis and chronic back pain.

Mental Clarity
While free from all distractions, this environment provides true focus to aid in improve decision making, effective problem solving and the freedom of the mind.

Sleep Better
The deep rest of floating, leaves you feeling completely refreshed. Not only can a single float help you sleep better but continued floats can improve sleep patterns and can aid insomnia.

Floating can give relief from the physical strains of pregnancy due to the buoyancy of the water. An opportunity to practise breathing techniques and relax. It’s also a chance to build a profound connection together in a peaceful environment.

Enhanced Performance
Recovery from sports injuries is enhanced by floatation, as a result of lactic acid in muscles being broken down quicker. This will help you get back to full fitness quicker.

Why not do it because you want to! You don’t have to float to give you any type of benefit. Although it great for all those things, you could just want some ‘ME TIME’ and want to do something you enjoy!

Floating is a doorway to deeper meditation. The reduced sensory input and weightlessness removes distractions, allowing you to quiet your mind. As a result you can switch off your mind and be present, and make it easier to do so in your every day life.



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Please do not come to float if you have any open wounds or broken skin – the salt will make these very uncomfortable.

Fake Tan
Do not come to float if you have fake tan – all fake tan MUST be completely removed before floating.

Hair Dye
It is very important that the dye doesn’t come out in the water. It is a costly process to replace the water! Some ways to test at home before you come to float include ensuring that no colour comes out of your hair in the water when you shower, and that no colour comes off on a white towel when you vigorously dry your hair.

Tattoos and Piercings
These must have healed (3-4 weeks since they were done).

Please ensure you have a shower before you float – this will include washing your hair. We do provide shower caps if you wish to use them.

Please use the make up wipes provided to remove any make up.

Mobile Devices
For your own benefit, please also ensure that any mobile devices are on silent or even better, turned off. The last thing you will need is to be disturbed mid-float.

What will be provided

You don’t need to bring anything but yourself and an open mind!

We provide towels, dressing gowns, toiletries, earplugs and shower caps.

You don’t need to bring a swimming costume, as it is fine to float naked, in fact we recommend it.

You may wish to bring your own cosmetics or toiletries, and if you wear contact lenses, you may wish to bring your kit to take them out.


£60.00 – per session (1 ½ hours)

£150.00 – book a block of 3 float sessions

£225.00 – book a block of 5 float sessions (includes a free Glascoed towel).



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Floatation Reviews

My husband used the floatation tank this evening, he has never used one before so didn’t know what to expect. He spent 1 hour in there and said he felt very relaxed after, his shoulder pain that he had before had eased a little to. Great for clearing your head after a stressful day. A must try! Staff very friendly and loved that they supplied a towel and robe etc for showering afterwards. We will be using again!
Lisa David
Wow! Just had the most amazing experience in the float tank ! I feel as if I have had the best nights sleep ever! Can’t recommend it enough!
SJ Donna Derma Clinical

I really can’t recommend it enough. Was on it for an hour but it was the most relaxing hour I’ve had in a very long time. One minute feels like it’s been 5 minutes but also feels like such a long time also. Will 100% be returning. The bloke who runs it is very friendly and knows exactly what he’s talking about and all aspects with the devices. Lovely little cabin off the Glascoed pub. Feels like your miles away from everything. Left feeling very relaxed but very energised. Can’t fault it!

Holly McGhee

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect before arrival but thankfully the owner is very knowledgeable. Once in the tank it didn’t take me long to relax and just switch off from the world. I had a few moments of reminding myself to relax and not be tense. I felt 40 minutes was enough for me so I got out of the tank and used the shower. towels and robe provided plus other bits and bobs. I sat in the chair sipping cold water enjoying the view across the field feeling invigorated. Would’ve been great to go with a friend and have lunch. Time stands still it was great!

Mel Davies

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