Sink into the icy water and feel the fire. From cold water swimmers to ancient Spartan soldiers, Navy SEALs, philosophers, monks and mystics, cold water immersion has powered-up minds and bodies from different cultures and countries throughout history.

What is Cold Water Therapy?

Cold therapy, also called cryotherapy, uses exposure to cold temperatures to cool the body’s tissues for therapeutic reasons. Cold water therapy means immersing your body in cold water (water that’s less than 15°C). To give you a rough idea, the water coming from your cold tap at home will be less than 20°C (and usually between 10 and 20°C).

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For the deepest relaxation you will ever feel and the closest feeling to weightlessness you can be on this planet. Please contact us for availability and booking.

Why Cold Water? What are the Benefits?

Improve Immune Function​
Our immune system is influenced by multiple factors and is highly complex. In isolation, the benefits of cold water immersion are hard to measure. But several studies now link cold exposure to immune boosting benefits such as increased production of ‘killer T cells’ and lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell key to immune function.

Happy Mood and mind
Norepinephrine is both a hormone and neurotransmitter. It drives wakefulness, alertness, learning and attention, enhanced memory formation and retrieval. It also supports top-down regulation of pain. So, when we tell you that regular cold exposure increases norepinephrine levels by 200-300%, you know it’s a very good thing. It also increases dopamine by 250% – a natural ‘feel-good’ hit, thrown in for free.

Fat Burning
The cold triggers our metabolism, our internal furnace, by releasing free form fatty acids (FFAs) and glucose. It also protects against insulin resistance that can lead to diabetes and atherosclerosis by inhibiting glucose production. The collaborative effects of vasodilation and vasoconstriction work together to switch our metabolism to fat burning mode.

A Natural Anti-Depressant
When immersed in cold water, the immense strength of the electrical impulses that travel from the nerve endings in the skin to the brain are now thought to have an anti-depressant effect. When coupled with increases in mood-boosting dopamine and norepinephrine (the hormone targeted by pharmaceutical giants to manage depression and ADHD) the benefits need to be felt to be believed.

Cardiovascular Conditioning
We each have 70,000 miles of veins, arteries and capillaries moving blood around our bodies. For most, this great vascular tree is de-conditioned through lack of exposure to the big temperature changes it was designed to deal with. When we move between hot and cold, it gives those tiny muscles governing blood-flow a serious workout.

Combats Inflamation
Inflammatory diseases are the biggest killer in the modern world. The risks only increase as we age. Cold exposure suppresses the acceleration of disease inflammation and the related pain signals. For those looking to build muscle mass and strength, the cold comes with a warning. Low temperatures will interrupt your natural muscle repair cycle, meaning it’s best to wait several hours after a workout before heading into the ice.

Endurance & Energy
Cold therapy increases mitochondrial biogenesis in muscle and fat tissues. This means it encourages the production of mitochondria-making energy (ATP) at a cellular level, using oxygen as fuel more efficiently. Useful for those interested in improving cardiovascular fitness or increasing muscle endurance and performance.

Mindset Builder
Facing your fears takes grit. Yes, you were scared. But you went ahead and did it anyway. It feels good, doesn’t it? Taking a dip in the ice, especially when you don’t feel like it, brings an immense sense of power and self-confidence. You’re comfortable being uncomfortable. So, what else could you achieve today?



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Please do not come to float if you have any open wounds or broken skin – the salt will make these very uncomfortable.

Fake Tan
Do not come to float if you have fake tan – all fake tan MUST be completely removed before floating.

Hair Dye
It is very important that the dye doesn’t come out in the water. It is a costly process to replace the water! Some ways to test at home before you come to float include ensuring that no colour comes out of your hair in the water when you shower, and that no colour comes off on a white towel when you vigorously dry your hair.

Tattoos and Piercings
These must have healed (3-4 weeks since they were done).

Please ensure you have a shower before you float – this will include washing your hair. We do provide shower caps if you wish to use them.

Please use the make up wipes provided to remove any make up.

Mobile Devices
For your own benefit, please also ensure that any mobile devices are on silent or even better, turned off. The last thing you will need is to be disturbed mid-float.

What will be provided

You don’t need to bring anything but yourself and an open mind!

We provide towels, dressing gowns, toiletries, earplugs and shower caps.

You don’t need to bring a swimming costume, as it is fine to float naked, in fact we recommend it.

You may wish to bring your own cosmetics or toiletries, and if you wear contact lenses, you may wish to bring your kit to take them out.


£5.00 – per session (15 Minutes)

£8 – per 15 minute session with breathwork instruction

Book 5 sessions and pay for 4!



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Cold Water Therapy Reviews

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect before arrival but thankfully the owner is very knowledgeable. Once in the tank it didn’t take me long to relax and just switch off from the world. I had a few moments of reminding myself to relax and not be tense. I felt 40 minutes was enough for me so I got out of the tank and used the shower. towels and robe provided plus other bits and bobs. I sat in the chair sipping cold water enjoying the view across the field feeling invigorated. Would’ve been great to go with a friend and have lunch. Time stands still it was great!

Mel Davies
Wow! Just had the most amazing experience in the float tank ! I feel as if I have had the best nights sleep ever! Can’t recommend it enough!
SJ Donna Derma Clinical
My husband used the floatation tank this evening, he has never used one before so didn’t know what to expect. He spent 1 hour in there and said he felt very relaxed after, his shoulder pain that he had before had eased a little to. Great for clearing your head after a stressful day. A must try! Staff very friendly and loved that they supplied a towel and robe etc for showering afterwards. We will be using again!
Lisa David

I really can’t recommend it enough. Was on it for an hour but it was the most relaxing hour I’ve had in a very long time. One minute feels like it’s been 5 minutes but also feels like such a long time also. Will 100% be returning. The bloke who runs it is very friendly and knows exactly what he’s talking about and all aspects with the devices. Lovely little cabin off the Glascoed pub. Feels like your miles away from everything. Left feeling very relaxed but very energised. Can’t fault it!

Holly McGhee

Contact Us to Book a Cold Water Session

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